Tips for Picking up Correct Lenses Color

Today, more and more people prefer to wear colourful sunglasses and colourful prescription sunglasses with strengths. In fact, lots of people wearing eyeglasses do not know how to choose the color of prescription glasses. Below are some advice and suggesions.

Grey eyewear and graduated lenses should become the first choice for most customers. The effects of transmission through the spectrums of them are particularly in the same level. Brown lens is also good choice. with a character of far-reaching sight. Light green lens could make you delightful and alleviate your fatigue. In order to match your dress and make-up, with the glasses of the other light colors is not bad.

Some of the coloured lens are used for protection in work. Give some examples:

  • deep red lenses are used by X-ray medical personnel.
  • The dark red glasses are used by X-ray health care workers.
  • Shooting athletes use yellow lenses to guarantee a better view.
  • It is often seen that a welder wear a pair of dark green glasses.

The blue ones are used by the steelmaking workers by the high-temperature furnace. so drivers, surgeons and artists are supposed to choose transparent lenses. If don’t do this, what will happen?

What will happen if they don’t do so?

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