Views for Picking up Precise Lenses Color

Today, more and more people are choosing to wear colored police glasses, either sunglasses or glasses with power. But most of them don�t know how to select the color of Chanel glasses. Here are some opinions about how to choose the lenses color for your reference.

Grey Versace sunglasses or progressive lenses that gradually change colours from top to the bottom, should be the first option for the most. Their transmission for many spectrums of the visible light are almost the same. You will not regret of buying a pair of brown lenses. It has one characteristic is to see distant objects better. Lenses of light green can make you happy and relaxed. In order to match your dress, and make-up, with the other light is not bad.

Some of the coloured lens are used for protection in work. For example:

  • It is well known that X-ray doctors use dark red glasses.
  • Shooting athletes use yellow lenses to guarantee a better view.
  • and blue is for steel worker working adjacent to high-temperature oven.
  • Some occuptions have high requirements for visual sense, such as sight, clour and distance.

Therefore, the bus drivers, surgeons, art workers should choose colorless transparent lenses. What will happen if you don't do this?

Please choose right glasses to enjoy your happy life.

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