Caution in Using Eye Drop

Most office workers would sit down and glue to computer screens as soon as they enter the offices.Eyes will be aching afer a whole day work,The contact lenses wearers will suffer more in common.

When many people feel dry eyes and unwell, or see their eyes bloodshot, they will blindly buy eyedrops in a drugstore.The blood shots will disappear at once, and the eyes will recover to the condition with black and white sharply contrasted after using the eyedrops.So it will be mistaken that the treatment effect has been reached.Eye doctors said that most of the eye drops contain angiotonics.It will make the blood vessel constricted in a short time, and then your eyes will recover from red eyes.However, it also hides the real reasons that lead to dry and swelling eyes.He is worried : If angiotonics is used too long, it may appear rebound phenomenon,Instead the symptoms would be worse.

Contact lenses users should be more careful.Because wearing contact lens make it easy for eyes to feel dry ,The dry eyes will be more serious in dry air because of using air conditioners.Once having such discomfortable symptoms,The doctor advised that you should immediately stop wearing contact lenses.Eye drops should be used only by prescription of a physician.Most eye drops have preservatives that will adhere to lenses.Over time, you are likely to get conjunctivitis or even cornea defect.

It is better for shortsighted people to wear glasses,to reduce side effects.and it becomes a fashion to wear beautiful glasses. If you choose the right spectacles form, it will make you look much better.

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