Hidden Dangers of Your Eyes in Everyday Life


In daily life, we only know that the computer radiation, the strong sunlight, staying up late, and using eyes too much will do our eyes harm.In fact, the careless in doing housework would also result damage in eyes.The result of 2009 American eye injury report shows that,about forty-five percent of eye injuries results from daily home life.Recently, the United States website Health Day told people that eyes are likely to be hurt and need special care in following three activities.

  • Mending the garden

Scissors and shovels used in pruning plants and clippings all can be eye killers.Therefore, when pruning flowers or plants, people should be mostly careful, whether it is the user of the tools or peopler around.You had better wear a pair of eyeglasses with function of protection.

  • Home Repair & Maintenance

It should have been a good thing that more and more people are interested in repairing and making goods by themselves,But the potential risks caused by using power tools cannot be ignored.The use of electric saws, drilling machines and other tools will be thrown flying debris.once there is improper handling, remains might go into eyes and hurt the eyeballs.The bacteria carried will also lead to the inflammation of eyes.Therefore, we must wear eyeglasses to protect the security of eyes.

  • House work in kitchen

Hot steam will irritate eyeballs while cooking or boiling water.Keep ventilator opening as much as possible when cooking in the kitchen.There is no doublt that eyes are particularly significant.I hope that you can pay attention to the particulars in dailt life and remember to protect your eyes by the minute.

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Bendable eyewear is a new invention in the eyeglasses industry.Bendable eyeglasses are made of memory metal such as the alloy nickle.Its biggest feature is that bendable glasses can restore its previous shape when it is bended or twisted.If you are a myopic sufferer, you should wear prescription eyeglasses to protect your eyes.

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